Oak Hill Writing Competition

Presented by State of the Ozarks

I love creative collaboration. And after 400 issues of StateoftheOzarks — that’s 400 consecutive weeks of issues for this “little” project called StateoftheOzarks.net Online Magazine for the Ozarks — I’m more than ready for some creative collaboration.

Which brings us to the writing competition.

Only a few weeks ago, over coffee at Vintage Paris, Tiffany Lyle (our College of the Ozarks summer intern) recieved this challenge:

“We’re coming up on 400 weeks of issues (as of August 2, 2015),” I said. “I want to do something special to celebrate. But, quite honestly, I’m coming up blank on ideas. What do you think?“

Tiffany did not disappoint.

Rather, she took the challenge seriously and the next week rolled out the idea for the Oak Hill Writers’ Competition, complete with guidelines. It was brilliant, beautiful, and — most importantly — would inspire others to create.

For that’s what this is all about.

StateoftheOzarks is a magazine of the Ozarks, yes, but many longtime readers realize there’s something more going on:

The magazine is about valuing people. The person next door. The person down the street. The craftsman. The artist. The singer. Perhaps more importantly, the grandparent or the child who simply has something to say.

That is what StateoftheOzarks is truly all about — we just get to use the awesomely beautiful medium of the Ozark Mountains. And valuing and listening to people is what this competition is all about.

So, thank you Tiffany for the amazing leadership. And all the rest of ya’ll? Email me your submissions! Get to writing! It’s not about already having honed your craft — it’s about honing your craft. And, realistically, the only way you can do that is A) to have something to say and B) to say it.

Who knows? You may even learn to like beginning your sentences with conjunctions (a huge grammatical faux pas, I know)!

Email me today! Guidelines are below.

Email Joshua Heston: Josh @ State of the Ozarks.net, or give Josh a call (or text) at (417) 335-1371.

Oak Hill Writing Competition Guidelines

  1. Submissions 10 pages (3,355 words) OR LESS
  2. Any genre or form of creative literaure is ENCOURAGED including: Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry, Song Lyrics, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Biographical, Narrative & More
  4. You have 4 weeks to submit your work (starting AUGUST 2!). One submission allowed per person.
  6. Winners announced at the upcoming Writers & Spoken Word Night at Vintage Paris (Date TBA)
  7. Submissions by First, Second, Third and Honorable Mention recipients will be published ON StateoftheOzarks.net with MUCH FANFARE!
  8. Special Ozark Gift Bags and Publication Certificates will be awarded to top four contestants!
  9. Participants retain all rights on their original work. StateoftheOzarks is granted one-year publication rights on original work but work may be published elsewhere after August 31, 2015.

Email Joshua Heston: Josh @ State of the Ozarks.net, or give Josh a call (or text) at (417) 335-1371.

Oak Hill Writing Competition.

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