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We are EcoHost, EDM music artist, our passion and our future. We’ve spent much of our childhoods digging deeply into the endless possibilities of music production. We will be channeling our skills into playing favorite, modern songs along with Civil War-era and Irish ballads recreated in the EDM style.


EDM Music Artist

(417) 527-7588

We will debut with our live show at SOTO Fest ’18 and are searching for more shows to book. Interested in what we do? Contact us on our EcoHost Facebook page.

White River Bowman

White River Bowmen

White River Bowmen brings people together for archery competitions and teaches good sportsmanship and good marksmanship. We give back to the community through benefit archery competitions. Good sportsmanship makes our community a better place, one person at a time.

White River Bowmen

Archery Club

(417) 319-1381
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White River Bowmen is an archery club. We promote modern and traditional archery in a safe, fun environment. Visit our website. Like us on Facebook. Give us a call or email today. We look forward to you joining us!

White River Bowmen
Mike Webb

Mike Webb

Mike Webb, veteran Ozarks fisherman, has fished Table Rock and Taneycomo for over 40 years. He co-hosts Bass Edge (Outdoor Channel & WFN) and is on Bass Pro Shops’ National Team.

Mike Webb

Webb Outdoors

(417) 425-7513
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Webb’s Guide Service gives anglers of all ages the chance to fish with an Ozarks Pro. If you don’t catch fish, you don’t pay! Mike’s program K.A.S.T. (Kids Are Special Too) introduces kids to the outdoors. He hosts the Webb Outdoors Elite Circuit Tournaments as well.

Mike Webb
J Loehr Custom Engraving

J Loehr Custom Engraving

Jeff Loehr creates custom hand-made jewelry and engraves guns and knives. His Forsyth shop includes all kinds of jewelry, artwork, handmade soap and guns. “I can take your idea and turn it into a one-of-a-kind treasure.

J. Loehr Custom Engraving

Handmade Jewelry & More!

Visit Our Site!

Visit our Forsyth shop. Tell us your jewelry and engraving ideas. We would love to create an original piece for you. Be sure to read our blog posts on our new site as well. Don’t be shy. Come on over!

J Loehr Gun Engraving
Caspar David Friedrich 1807
Hünengrab im Schnee by Caspar David Friedrich, 1807

Kentucky Strongman
Clint Poore

I started working out when I was 13 years old. I remember it was September, 1986, and it was one of the defining moments in my life. I needed to get stronger for softball and found out I liked weightlifting as much as anything else. I liked the pump. I liked the feel of the weight. I liked getting stronger. It was addictive. Especially for a young man, you have a lot of testosterone running through your body from age 13 to 18 — more than most of the rest of our lives. It is a great way to release stress at that time.

I continued weightlifting through high school and played football and baseball. I played a little baseball in college — kept lifting — and then became cheer leader and gave up baseball. Lifting was a part of cheer leading and it meant being surrounded by good looking women. The combination was hard to resist!

In 1999, I competed in my first competition — in Richmond, Kentucky — and took second place. I came back the next year and took first. After that, I started in my first meet with USA Powerlifting. I did the bench press division at the USA Powerlifting Kentucky State Championships in Henderson and I’ve been doing it ever’ since. I enjoy it. I do powerlifting, some strongman, and if I’m injured, I do bodybuilding.

Powerlifting is static. Strongman is movement. Powerlifting you can build up to a maximum effort. Strongman the events are maximum effort from the get-go — and you’re like, “Wait a minute! That’s a good way to get injured! But strongman is a lot of fun. I enjoy it. I watch it on television. I can recite every winner since 1977!

Powerlifting is very different from bodybuilding. With powerlifting, I get to listen to my body; take an extra day off if my joints are hurting. I may even take an extra week off. With bodybuilding, you are getting your weight down and pushing your muscles to the surface. You do that with diet but you gotta get that workout in every time, even if it is light weight. It’s fun but I like powerlifting more not because it’s less work but because it’s more fun to compete in something that is not subjective.

Well over a decade ago, I joined the Omega Force Christian Strength Team. We are known as the “World’s Strongest Team and the World’s Greatest Message.” We have traveled over the eastern half of the United States, had a lot of shows, been to a lot of different towns, and seen a lot of people make life-changing decisions.

We do what your power teams and other strength teams do — we blow up and break hot water bottles and break baseball bats and those sorts of things – but that is just the tip of the iceberg for what Omega Force does. We do every feat of strength you see on World’s Strongest Man and we create a high energy, exciting show based on those feats to illustrate the gospel.

This type of evangelism requires absolute faith because you gotta trust that God works on hearts and you pray your audiences will grow in their faith. I was at a gas station one time and a guy came up and asked, “Are you on Omega Force? You were there when my son got saved. It completely changed his life.” You hear those stories more than you think and it’s a real confirmation.

I like drug-free lifting. If you’re natural, you’ll last a lot longer. I workout with athletes who’ve been in powerlifting for 15 or 20 years or more and they are still healthy and lifting because their bodies haven’t been subjected to performance-enhancing drugs. It will take you a lot longer to get where you want to go. Your gains won’t happen overnight. But you won’t have the excessive problems with knees and hips and shoulders and find yourself broke down after five to 10 years of competing.

I eat eat whatever I want though I try not to eat as many carbs after six o’clock at night. Sometimes I get carried away (and I like lasagna)! When I went into the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, I competed with USA Powerlifting in the Pro Raw Bench Press. I weighed around 230 pounds and benched for 430 pounds.

The key to a lot of it is participation. If you want to be on Team USA, then take the steps, go compete, be drug-free, get a qualifier in, get a nationals, and when you do, you may earn yourself a spot. You’ll never earn a spot if you don’t make the effort!

— Clint Poore is seven-time Bench Press National Champion, six-time member of Team USA, and five-time gold medalist in North American and Pan-American Bench Press Championships. He lives in Albany, Kentucky.

Clint Poore Highland Games Glasgow Kentucky

“I’ve competed in one Highland Games — and that probably shouldn’t be discussed! I’m five-foot-seven on my best day. Bulky powerlifters don’t do too good with Highland Games. The throwing requires strength — and they are usually big guys — but throwing means they are constantly stretching their muscles maximum distance. They have a totally different look.”

Clint Poore America's Got Talent

“Omega Force was also invited to be a part of America’s Got Talent. We went on and it was a lot of fun to meet people, get to go behind the scenes, enjoy the experience, and be seen by over 25 million people.”

Omega Force Strength Team

“We use a Bavarian deadlift. We lift logs. We do a  Basque bell-raising contest, raising a 150-pound bell, arm-over-arm. We carry a 350-pound cross on a special apparatus (it’s awkward but really cool). We use a Basque stone — a 314-pound stone with a mirror inside that must be rolled onto your shoulder and placed on a barrel.”

Hot Water Bottle Burst
Blowing up a hot water bottle

“Crowds love to see fun feats of strength — breaking bricks, breaking bats, tearing 1,000-page phone books in half. Blowing up hot water bottles are probably the most dangerous. If you don’t know how to handle your breathing, the pressure from the bottle can rush back down into your lungs and — potentially — explode a lung.”

#ManlyOzarks Showcase Sponsors • Moonshine Pears Recipe Below

Stafford's Barber Shop

Stafford’s Barber Shop & Shave Co.

Stafford’s Barber Shop & Shave Company, located in Historic Downtown Branson, is a traditional barber shop offering men haircuts, shaves and beard trims. “Men need places to go and be men,” Joshua Stafford explains.

Stafford’s Barber Shop & Shave Company

Historic Downtown Branson

(281) 627-2351
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“I think it’s easier for women, not just with salons, but in general, to have permission to be themselves. My barber shop does that for men.” The place has a great retro vibe with comics and Star Wars memorabilia. A vinyl record player regularly plays Johnny Cash.

Stafford’s Barber Shop & Shave Company
Black Horse Pub

The Pour House

The Pour House, inside Ye Old English Inn at #24 Downing Street, features local Missouri beers as well as a range of English, Irish and European brews, spirits and cocktails. A full menu of English-inspired meals are served.

The Downing Street Pour House

Inside Ye Old English Inn

417 320-6106
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Stop by for a relaxing drink and meal with friends in a family-friendly environment. Check our website for weekly specials and featured live entertainment. We are just south of the Branson Landing across Lake Taneycomo.

Downing Street Pour House
Old English Inn Hollister

Ye Old English Inn

Ye Old English Inn in historical Downtown Hollister has been an inn for more than 100 years. Fashioned in quaint English Tudor style, our rooms are exquisitely refurbished. You are welcome to take a free self-guided tour.

Ye Old English Inn

on Downing Street

417 544 9056
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The Inn is available for weddings and receptions, family and military reunions, private dinners, corporate meetings, outdoor events, holiday functions and parties. We’re ideally located to enjoy the Ozark Mountains and Branson Entertainment. We are one mile from the Branson Landing!

The Old English Inn Hollister Missouri
Bo and Tami Bandy


We’re Dr. Bo & Tami Bandy of Branson, Missouri. We’re a membership-style chiropractic office. Come in anytime we’re open, just like a gym! We’re also super family-friendly. Our passion is to see people be the best they can be!

Victory Chiro

Dr. Bo & Tami Bandy

(417) 337-7077
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Contact us today to see if Victory is right for you! Visit our office in Victorian Village just off Shepherd of the Hills Expressway. We want to give you the power to make good choices. Victory is Purposeful Compassion + Deliberate Affirmation = Victory Chiropractic!

Victory Chiro
Missouri Ridge Distillery

Missouri Ridge Distillery

Missouri Ridge Distillery just north of Branson creates Single Bourbon Whiskey, Highland Style Scotch Single Malt Whiskey, White Lightning Moonshine, and the Handcrafted Goodness of Corn Whiskey, using our family recipes and the finest grains.

Missouri Ridge Distillery

It’s Howlin’ Great!

(417) 699-4095
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Visit our Tasting Room & Bar and Awesome Texas BBQ Restaurant in a scenic Ozarks setting! Ask about our Barrel Owners Club, Special Occasions, Complimentary Tours, and Rib Fest Friday & Saturday (call for reservations). Open Tuesday thru Thursday: 11AM-7PM, Friday & Saturday: 11AM-10PM.

Missouri Ridge Distillery
Cameron Smith, Cam's Custom Creations

Cam’s Country Customs

“I tend to overbuild everything,” laughs Cameron Smith, founder of Cam’s Country Customs. “Store-bought furniture nowadays is so cheap. I want every piece I build to last generations. I brace everything.”

Cam's Country Customs

Cameron Smith

Ava, Missouri

Based in Ava, Missouri, Cameron crafts in a rustic style, often with reclaimed lumber, and primarily builds pieces to order. “I do just a little bit of everything. Shelves, book cases, headboards, coffee tables, shutters.” Customers may browse his works on Facebook and make special orders.

Cam's Country Creations
Noah Agape

Noah Agape

Ask Dr. Paul! Noah Agape is pioneering the combination of CBD oil with other natural products. In the quest for a coffee that creates physiological and physical component benefits, a team of four developed premium Costa Rican coffee.

Noah Agape

Planting the Seeds of Health and Wellness

(417) 337-4323

We’re dedicated to comprehensively sharing the information and research on CBD. We want to change the negative perception that surrounds Cannabidiol. Our motto is Planting the Seeds of Health and Wellness. It is a potential breakthrough in therapeutic aid and nutritional component.

Noah Agape
Rex Wood

Rex Wood

Rex is native to the Cherokee Nation of northeastern Oklahoma. He spent a nationwide career in tourism and luxury-branded hospitality before becoming a realtor with HCW Realty located at Branson Landing.

Rex Wood

Realtor, Luxury Hospitality, Fine Art Collector

(918) 812-7639
Email Me

Rex is an city alderman of Rockaway Beach, Missouri. He is dedicated to supporting the Main Street Missouri Connection in Rockaway Beach and is also a collector of fine art.

Rex Wood Cherokee
Gaylen Montgomery

Gaylen Montgomery

“Listen to the wood. Keep the blade moving! The wood tells you how fast to run. The saw is a very creative machine. You’re limited only by your imagination.”

Gaylen Montgomery

Scroll Saw Craftsman

(402) 659-7652
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“My goal is to share hand skills. When scroll sawing is done right, you won’t even need to sand. Too much is being done by computer. But when you take a piece of wood and end up with a work of art?” Gaylen teaches classes in the Branson Mill.

Gaylen Montgomery

DeMarce Missions

“I was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and lived there until my family moved to New Tribes Bible Institute in 2000.” — Ethen DeMarce. “I was born in Kansas and grew up as a Camp Kid. I worked with my family in ministry, doing mime and drama, AWANA, and in homeschool.” — Emily DeMarce.

DeMarce Missions

Ethen & Emily DeMarce

Connect with Us

We want God’s name to be glorified by a mature church planted in an unreached people group and are pursuing overseas missions. Will you join with us? “We have received grace and apostleship to bring about the obedience of faith for the sake of His name among all the nations.” — Romans 1:5

Impact Martial Arts

Impact Martial Arts

Impact Martial Arts’ instruction is professional but personal and family-oriented. Owner Danny Hendrick is a 4th-degree black belt and certified instructor who, as school owner and instructor for 20 years, brings a quality experience to every class.

Impact Martial Arts

Hollister Martial Arts & Fitness for All Ages!

(417) 239-7861
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We have thriving junior instructors and leadership programs. We offer kids, teens, and adults martial arts classes. “My son has been taking classes for a year. I can see a huge difference in his confidence and ability to focus.” — Darlene Myers

Impact Martial Arts Hollister
White River Kayaking

White River Kayaking & Outdoors

We offer kayak, canoe, paddle board (SUP), scoot coupe and bike rentals in Branson/Hollister, Missouri. Our location offers quick, easy access to beautiful Lake Taneycomo. Come on in and our friendly staff will help you discover your path!

White River Kayaking & Outdoors

Everyone needs a good paddlin’ now & then!

(417) 335-2210
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White River Lakes make the perfect setting for fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding and canoeing.  We drop you off up-river for a traditional float or you can launch right here for an exploratory float. There are several routes to choose from.

White River Kayaking

More from Clint: “Powerlifting is static to me. It’s completely static lifting. But strongman is movement. You have to move with the heavy weights. Powerlifting you can build up to a maximum effort. In strongman,  the events are all max-tempered from the get-go — you’re like, “Wait a minute, that’s a good way to get injured! So, powerlifting lets you build up to a maximum effort; not start out at a max effort and try to not get injured. Strongman is a lot of fun. I enjoy it. I watch it on television. I can pretty much recite every winner since 1977. Know them all by heart! Strongman is a lot of fun.

Clint Poore, powerlifter Kentucky
Blowing up a hot water bottle

Old Hunting Friends

by Rob McDonald

“From marshes to lakes to frozen rivers, we chased ducks and geese, spending hours between flights of birds discussion life, family and careers.”

With old hunting friends, you develop trust that goes further than that of many friendships — the location of the ducks, the lure the fish are hitting, and the trust of land access go beyond many sacred bonds.

As hunters and fishermen, we trickle through life between seasons. Weekdays at work are often spent with hearts in the field. We wait for the next sunrise in the duck blind, the next perfect day in the tree stand, the crappie bite, or to see a trout rise to a fly.

As a boy, I spent countless hours waiting to grow old enough to be afield. I pored over brown paper pages of sporting catalogs. Dreams of wool hunting vests, razor-sharp stag-handled sheath knives, strings of duck decoys and rubber-bottom boots filled my imagination. Before I was old enough to shoulder a gun, I had already been on countless hunting adventures in my mind.

Growing up, I’ve had the privilege to know many great men who became old hunting friends — men whose conviction for country and family inspired me. Men who value conservation and time afield over bag limits and trophies. For many of us, our first hunting friend is family: father, cousin, grandfather, brother or uncle. They are as good an old hunting friend as you can hope for.

But then there are hunting friends who start off as friends but become family.

This fall I was able to reconnect with a great hunting friend of mine. We met by happenstance when we worked at neighboring businesses. We connected over the upcoming autumn and the weather. Our conversation drew to a mutual admiration for duck hunting and our time spent afield began. I cannot tell you how many hours — even days — we spent together over the years.

Life moved us apart some seven years ago and our time afield was replaced by phone calls, each sharing our current adventures. Then, just like that, I reached for my ringing phone. I had jumped into my truck and was on the way to a cornfield to hunt ducks.

The voice on the other end was familiar. I was about to share my plans for a great field hunt when I glanced in my rear view mirror. “Where you off to,” came the question in my ear. Passing through town on his way between holiday obligations, my old hunting friend was driving right behind me!

I quickly told him I was off to pursue ducks in what was sure to be an epic late-season mallard hunt. Low and behold, he had licenses, stamps, camo, gun, duck call and shells all ready to go. He jumped in my truck and off we went.

Driving along on our way to the field, I went back in time. He and I picked up right where we’d left off, almost a decade ago. Inexplicably, time seemed to stand still. In the field, large groups of ducks circled our decoys, the sound of their wings cutting the air. We looked at each other and grinned. The sound of working ducks, the smell of gun powder, the cold winter air on our faces made for an exciting new hunt. We took some ducks, but not a limit. After the hunt, my old hunting friend had time to join my family for a meal. Yes, the hunt was great, but that feeling of belonging and reconnection was the best part of the day.

Read Rob McDonald’s Blog ModernWildMan HERE.

Rob McDonald Duck Hunting

“My son and I made a trip to Wyoming for a great antelope hunt with a great friend and his wife. We spent time in their home, had great fellowship and, to top it off, we harvested an antelope.” — Rob McDonald

Antelope Harvest

Moonshine Pears

Moonshine Pears
honey pears
Spiced Pears
Broiled Pears

“Moonshine Pears are mighty good on the dark winter nights of January… but they’re not too shabby anytime of year (as long as you can get good pears).” — StateoftheOzarks

Moonshine Pears

One to four firm D’Anjou pears
Vanilla ice cream
Irish whiskey
Moonshine cherries

Preheat oven to 375*F

Wash, halve and core pears. Place on foil-covered baking pan. Fill cored center with honey. Add liberal pinch of cinnamon and allspice.

Bake pears for 20 minutes. Turn oven to broil (525°F) for 5 additional minutes. After 5 minutes, turn off oven, keeping pears in oven for 10 minutes. Then, remove pears, place in serving bowls, add to each pear:

1 scoop vanilla ice cream
1/2 shot moonshine
1/2 shot Irish whiskey
Garnish each pear with a moonshine cherry.

— from the StateoftheOzarks Kitchen

green pear with whiskey

“It’s a bad time to be a boy in America. The triumphant success of the U.S. women’s soccer team at the World Cup last summer has come to symbolize the spirit of American girls. The shooting at Columbine High last spring might be said to symbolize the spirit of American boys.”

Christina Hoff Sommers, The Atlantic, May 2000


“When a contemporary man looks down into his psyche, he may, if conditions are right, find under the water of his soul, lying in an area no one has visited for a long time, an ancient hairy man.” — Robert Bly

King Warrior Magician Lover

“Anthropologists are almost universally agreed that these cave sanctuaries were created, in part at least, by men for men and specifically for the ritual initiation of boys into the mysterious world of male responsibility and masculine spirituality.” — Robert Moore

Jack Donovan No Man's Land

“People always assumed that men were drawn to certain kinds of activities, and that providing some sort of release valve for natural male aggression was healthy. It made men happy to do the things they wanted to do, and ways were found for men to exert their virility constructively — or with minimal destruction.” — Jack Donovan

Forty-Nine Percent Majority: The Male Sex Role Robert Brannon

“Only recently have we begun to discover the invisible cords which have moved us for so long, to feel their silent tugs at our fantasies, judgments, and fears. One can only dimly imagine what the world would be like if we could somehow turn the music off, cut the cords of sex roles, and discover ourselves.” — Robert Brannon

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The Majesty or Great Oak at Fredville, drawn from life by Jacob George Strutt for the Sylvia Britannia, 1824.
Anti-aircraft Fire, Hell’s Belles’ Marine Corsairs in foreground, Okinawa, 1945. US Marine Corps.
Cairn in Snow (Hünengrab im Schnee) by Caspar David Friedrich, 1807, Gützkow, Germany. Wikipedia Commons.

Clint Poore Photos courtesy of Clint Poore, Albany, Kentucky, and Omega Force.
Rob McDonald photos courtesy of Rob McDonald and ModernWildMan.
Moonshine Pears Photos by Joshua Heston, StateoftheOzarks, January 12, 2017.