SOTOFest Vendor Application

StateoftheOzarks (SOTO Fest ’20) Fest 2020
10AM—6PM, Saturday, September 19, 2020
Historic Downing Street, Hollister, Missouri

SOTO Fest ’20 is our annual showcase for StateoftheOzarks Members and celebration of Ozark culture past and present. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the form below.

Phone Number*:

I am a StateoftheOzarks Member:

I understand SOTOFest includes a juried arts & crafts fair and my work may be subject to the jury process:


I am interested in applying for (at Member Price):

I am interested in applying for (at non-Member Price):

I request electricity access*

My booth will contain a high heat source*

I will bring a trailer onto the festival space as part of my display*

If yes, operating width and length (including tongue and open doors) are:


I understand I am responsible for any damages that may occur to my property*:

I understand I MUST provide my own 10x10 tent of any color and also table(s):

I understand I MUST provide FOUR (4) 25-pound weights* with line per tent*:

I agree to read and abide by the LOAD IN and LOAD OUT plan (below)*:

What is your preferred Call-Time*:

I agree to keep my booth set up from festival open to close 10AM-6PM*:

Do you have any special needs / concerns? Please include here:


I understand that submission of form does not guarantee acceptance:

I understand that IF my SOTO Membership comes up for renewal prior to SOTOFest, I will be REQUIRED to renew as a member in order to participate in SOTOFest:

I understand that I will not be eligible for a refund on my booth(s) fee AFTER August 1 of this year:

I understand that, if accepted, I will receive a StateoftheOzarks invoice (by Square™) in the amount I have specified above:

Vendor load-in process:

  1. The street will be divided into six call times beginning at 6AM (day of festival) and concluding at 8:30AM (day of festival). The street will be loaded from the north end (6AM) and will finish at the south end (8:30AM).
  2. All vendors will receive one of the following call times based on their booth location: 6AM, 6:30AM, 7AM, 7:30AM, 8AM, and 8:30AM.
  3. Vendors must check in with Dale Grubaugh at Vendor Check-In on St. James Street (across the street from the Farmer’s Market Building) at their appointed times.
  4. Upon check-in, you will receive: a festival schedule, balloons and string. We ask that you attach three inflated festival balloons to the front side of each tent space or canopy. HOLLISTER TAX IS 8.1%.
  5. Once you receive the go-ahead from Dale, proceed down St. James Street to the stoplight. Then, take Birdcage Alley to Whitehall Street, make a right, and proceed to your vendor booth location.
  6. All vendor booth locations will be marked with white duct tape and are numbered.
  7. Place all your stuff in the space and exit the street to the north. Make a right onto Business 65 and proceed to Esplanade. Vendor Parking is provided in the City Hall parking lot area and near the Depot.
  8. Return to the street THROUGH the Depot. You have until 10AM to set-up your booth.

Note: Vendor tents must remain open and on the street from 10AM to 6PM.

Vendor load-out process:

  1. Festival closes at 6PM.
  2. Center Lane (a1s-through-c5s) will be asked to clear the street promptly (move everything to the sidewalk) and WAIT for their section to open up in order to bring vehicles onto the street. C’s will load out with the 6:30ams. B’s will load out with the 7ams. A’s will load out with the 7:30ams.
  3. Shortly after 6PM, everyone with a 6AM load-in time may bring their vehicles (CAREFULLY) onto the street from the SOUTH end of the street ONLY. NOTE:: Downing Street will remain ONE-WAY until LOAD-OUT concludes.
  4. After CLOSE, vendors are encouraged to pack up. You are welcome to haul your gear off-street, but if you need to bring your VEHICLE onto the street, you will wait until we give you the ALL CLEAR to do so.
  5. After 6AM LOAD-INS are packing up, 6:30AM LOAD-INS will be give the clear sign to bring vehicles onto the street.
  6. We will text all vendors when each load-in time opens up. We will proceed in an orderly fashion: 6:30s, 7s, 7:30s, 8s, and 8:30s. We appreciate your understanding and patience. We know this is a long day and we appreciate you all helping make this a very EFFICIENT and SAFE load-out.
  7. IF your load-out time has not occurred, you WILL NOT be allowed onto the street with your vehicle.
  8. Volunteers and staff will be on the street to assist in a safe and prompt load-out. Staff will also be on the street to let you know when your section is up for load-out.