Join Editor-in-Chief Joshua Heston along with Ethan Grubaugh and Dale Grubaugh to talk about Notre Dame Cathedral, UFOs, Eureka Springs, Pythian Castle, and paranormal issues in general. Do you believe?

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Stories discussed:

UFO’ Conference’s Search for Truth

A Eureka Springtime


An unsettling empathy toward the odd.

I know I’m a sucker for hard luck cases. So was my mom, which explained all the hard luck animals we adopted over the years. I don’t know — but I suspect — that highly creative people are often highly empathetic people (sometimes against our will).

Consequently, I find it hard to scoff at that which lies beyond mainstream expectation (from plants to animals to people to ideas), even while others do so.

Mainstream is where it is safe to play. Safe to speak. Safe to live.

It’s a world of straightly defined lines, nice square boxes, crisply sharpened Number Two pencils, and clear, methodical expectations. And thus, we live our lives. Safely. At least until someone throws a conspiracy theory — grenade-like — into our midst.

When that happens, the proper response is to look askance at said conspiracy-theory-grenade-thrower. They have disrupted the correct. And so we relegate them and their grenade potential to the crazy bin. We return to our lives of safety and methodical mainstream.

But… what if?

What if the crazy people are — at least in part — right?

What if our straight lines and properly colored-in coloring books are simply… wrong?

What then?

It’s an unsettling thought — the thought with which typically only a fringe of our population wrestle. And while I don’t “exactly” believe in (______ you fill in the blank at your own peril), I cannot help but feel empathy toward those who do believe.

But be warned. Once you step down the proverbial rabbit hole, you might not come back.

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