Join Editor-in-Chief Joshua Heston along with Ethan Grubaugh and Dale Grubaugh to talk about Easter, Easter memories, conversion experiences, archetypes, theology, Da Vinci Code, death, and marshmallow Peeps.

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Smells Like Rain and Tastes Like Tears: Shepherd the Musical

Ozark Easter



I still contend Easter can be a difficult holiday to celebrate. For one thing, what’s colored eggs got to do with it? (And yes, I know the Greek Orthodox traditions regarded eggs as a symbol of life and regeneration, but still, it’s a stretch). Same goes for the Easter bunny, a proliferation of plastic grass, or a new hat.

To top it off, having to get up early for sunrise service isn’t exactly easy (and an overload of biscuits and gravy that early in the morning can leave even the nicest person a tad grumpy by afternoon).

Sounds like I don’t even like Easter, doesn’t it?

Hardly. It’s springtime in the Ozarks. The hillsides are in bloom and, come rain or shine, it’s a day to reflect on the Christian faith.

I still contend that Easter is the ultimate day for a revolutionary Christianity — a faith that goes beyond tradition, making a bridge (a very personal bridge at that) between God… and us. It’s a bridge I’ve seen genuinely change people.

It’s a bridge that transcends our petty divisions.

I think we Christians have spent too much time worshipping old traditions and railing against what (or whom) we don’t think we like… and not nearly enough time getting to know a Creator who gave His all so that we could know Him better.

Consequently, Easter is a fine time to remember Christianity’s ultimate commandment: to love others as God has loved us.

It’s only when we do that the world will be a better place.

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