Join Editor-in-Chief Joshua Heston and Dale Grubaugh talk about music — particularly the power of hillfolk music, memories of the International Bluegrass Music Association convention in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2013, the beloved hymn Amazing Grace, and much more (all in Ethan’s absence).

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Been thinking about..

The soul of the mountains.

A darkened theater. A family of music makers. Soaring harmonies. The magic of an emotional history. And the reality of tragedy.

Change is the hardest of challenges and the English language is a limited, imperfect medium of clay. A language of the earth that cannot transcend the heart.

Ugly words like “loss,” and “diagnosis,” and “options,” and “time frame,” and “quality of life” do no justice for the drop of the heart, the pit in one’s own stomach, and the sense of disbelief when met with our own shadowed mortality.

And the words of “music theory” and “scales” and “practice” do nothing for the soaring sense of the soul, a spiritual reminder that there is more, though oftentimes more of what we know not.

But we know there is more than this. Surely, there must be?, we ask ourselves.

Life is hard. Life in the mountains often harder than most. But with hardship and tragedy comes certain gifts.

Empathy. Compassion. Tenderness.

Words fail in such times. But the angelic language of music does not, and with that language brings hope. In a world of constant change, music gives me hope. Hope that transcends the mortal clay before us and of us.

I believe music is the true and most precious gift of our mountains. A soul that speaks to us in ways we cannot otherwise express. In a world of constant and terrible change, it is our most beautiful and precious gift.

Remember that.

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