Join editor-in-chief Joshua Heston along with Ethan as they welcome guests Matt and Jessica Farmer of Vintage Paris Coffee Shop to talk community, coffee, art and even how Matt and Jess met!

Been thinkin’ about…

Following the art.

It’s time I came to terms with the truth: StateoftheOzarks is an “arts organization” and I’m an “events coordinator.” Both statements make me cringe just a little.

I suppose it is all true, but it’s only a small portion of the truth.

So let me tell you the real story.

Art has always led the way for StateoftheOzarks. The #SOTOLIFE creative community was designed for artists first and then opened up to entrepreneurs, businesses, and non-profits.

And the best way to showcase the arts is through events, be that Writers Artists Night, or StateoftheOzarks (SOTO) Fest, or Art Walk or well… you get the idea.

I’ve always been remarkably open in how much I didn’t know about coordinating events but — when push has come to shove — I’ll be damned before I do a bad job at something, and thus the aforementioned events have proven successful (with many humble and gracious thanks to the amazing people who have rallied to each cause).

And so, we continue to follow the art. As more #SOTOLIFE members come aboard, more ideas proliferate. More events come along. And that’s a good thing.

So I suppose “arts organization” and “events coordinator” aren’t bad terms. Especially when you realize the arts aren’t a sideline / elective / hobby / nice-thing-over-there-that-you-odd-people-are-doing but rather HOW a community expresses itself.

And THAT is how culture is made.

Just the same, I’d rather you call me “Editor-in-Chieftain.” Not only does it have a nicer ring to it, but the title goes remarkably better with my kilt.

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