The #SOTOLife Creative Community is made up of passionate, collaborative StateoftheOzarks Members, dedicated to sharing their purpose and working together to make the Ozarks a great place for generations to come.

Member Directory

Member Directory

With over a hundred local businesses, from non-profits to individual artisans, from restaurants to health care professionals, the #SOTOLife Creative Community is diverse and exuberant. They all have one common purpose: to support one another and celebrate the Ozarks. To browse all our members, CLICK HERE.



Born out of the local underground art scene, the SOTO Creative Community is dedicated to all Ozark creatives — craftsmen, entrepreneurs, fine artists, educators, non-profits and small business owners. For more information, CLICK HERE.

SOTO Member Calendar

Member Calendar

The Creative Community schedules many small events through the year, giving members and guests informal opportunities to network and strengthen our Ozarks community. Calendar page is password protected (password provided to Members only). See the Calendar HERE.