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Writers & Contributors:

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State of the Ozarks Bibliography

dogwood petal

Vance Randolph

(Galena, MO) My books The Ozarks and Ozark Mountain Folks, published by Vanguard Press in 1931 and 1932, contained accounts of backwoods folk belief. Many supernatural narratives, and some notes on water witching, first appeared in Ozark Ghost Stories and Tall Tales from the Ozarks, published and copyrighted by E. Haldeman-Julius, of Girard, Kansas.

Several yarns about witchcraft were printed in Folk-SayFolk-Say, a regional annual edited by B. A. Botkin and brought out by the University of Oklahoma Press; other related items first saw the light in the quarterly University Review, published at the University of Kansas City. I am grateful to the owners of these copyrights for permission to reprint the material here. V.R., June 10, 1946

From Ozark Magic and Folklore, 1947.

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