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Writers Artists Night

IN A TIME repressed emotions and heavy social expectation, we are rarely provided healthy avenues of personal expression.

Writers Artists Night is an opportunity for people to exercise their creativity in collaboration with each other as a form of self-expression. FIND OUT MORE

Plague Child’s Doctor

A NOVEL BY StateoftheOzarks founder Joshua Heston, Plague Child’s Doctor is a fanciful plunge into dark fantasy, Americana, and magic where nothing is as it seems. “[Plague Child’s Doctor] successfully bridged the old world of ancient European lore with the perils of the new world of early rural Americana. It is a poetiPlague Child's Doctorc tale of an adventurous journey through both wonder and horror.” “Josh’s Heston’s novel Plague Child Doctor intertwines the rural 1920’s Ozarks and fantasy into an enticing tale.” “One of the best books I’ve read in quite a while by an author that’s still living! I love the accuracy of the period and attention to detail.” ORDER ON AMAZON


WE ALL NEED times to get out of our daily routine and experience something fresh. StateoftheOzarks creates timeless events you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Join the community in fun, see the creativity of the region, and even showcase your own work. MORE HERE

AUTHENTIC COMMUNITY IS the heart and soul of the Ozarks people. StateoftheOzarks Membership provides spaces that foster relationships, share creativity, and strengthen economy. MORE HERE | APPLY HERE


MANY DO NOT have access to farm-fresh products. Because of this, StateoftheOzarks partners with local growers, bakers and craftsmen to give our region a hub for things such as homegrown vegetables, local fruit, baked goods, Ozark honey, and handmade soaps. MORE HERE