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Red Oak II Mill Barn

Red Oak II

by Joshua Heston

[JASPER COUNTY, MISSOURI] — A sharp wind whistles across the rolling Missouri plains east of Carthage. Here, less than a mile north of famed Route 66, is Red Oak II, a community that isn’t a town, but a tourist attraction that is a homey neighborhood of museum-esque eccentricity. The place is easy enough to find. Just turn north on County Road 120 after you see the “Crap Duster” at the Flying W Truck Stop (if you’re traveling west to east on the Mother Road). [CONTINUE READING]

Scottie's Christmas

Scottie’s Christmas, circa 2022

by Joshua Heston

[SPARTA, MO] — Scottie Snider, longtime antique collector, artist and decorator, stands in his 1880s’ farmhouse, welcoming the civic-minded and the curious of Christian County into his holiday-ensconced residence… [CONTINUE READING]

Barry County, Missouri

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