Ozark Bridge


by Joshua Heston

Bridges make stories. They also make for snapshots of rural history, great photography, and — for the pragmatic — just a simple way to cross from one side of the creek to the other.

Bridges represent our earliest attempts to settle this region from a simple log across a creek to a swinging bridge to now-weathered iron constructions.

Bridges represent stories.

Stories of crossing rivers on swinging bridges. Of building new crossings after old floods. Stories of fishing, swimming — and traveling near and far.

Stories of covered bridges. Swinging bridges. Bridges washed away and bridges lost below the lake waters.

Bridges represent a lot in these old hills. And the opportunity to bring the stories to StateoftheOzarks is an honor indeed.

August 22, 2009

All photo credits: J. Heston. Plate 1, Highway 19 Bridge, Shannon County, Missouri (2/21/09); Plate 2, Finley River Bridge, Ozark, Christian County, Missouri (2/25/09); Plate 3, Round Spring Creek Footbridge, Shannon County, Missouri (2/21/09)

plate 1.

Finley River Bridge, Ozark

plate 2.

Round Spring Bridge

plate 3.

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