In The Cemetery

by Joshua Heston

Feelings about cemeteries tend to vary. Some find cemeteries merely for the historic record.

Others visit cemeteries in order to hunt down “ghosts,” seeing paranormal activity in every shot of their inexpensive digital cameras.

And yet, only a couple of generations ago, cemeteries were not necessarily creepy places — they were the place where family members were remembered.

Cemeteries were a place for Memorial Day picnics. A place of honor and family.

And for some, cemeteries are a place of hope.

Cemetery Ettiquette

State of the Ozarks has developed this section to preserve the cultural heritage that is found within our region. Remember, these grounds hold the remains of loved ones and family members. Cemeteries are a critical part of our heritage. Always use respect when visiting.

October 26, 2009

plate 1. Gate to the McHaffie-Casey Cemetery near Forsyth, Missouri.

Oak Leaf

plate 2. Oak Leaf.

Oak Leaf

plate 3. Rose lichen, McHaffie-Casey Cemetery, Taney County, Missouri. October 26, 2009.

Oak Leaf

plate 4. Oak Leaves. August 4, 2009.

dogwood petal


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