Wooley Creek School

One Room School Houses

by Joshua Heston

Book learning. The word education takes on interesting connotations these days. Connotations of computer budgets and modern teaching techniques, of social management and peer interaction. It meant something a little different in the old days...

from Virginia Snyder

“The highlight of the school year was the pie supper. Every woman or girl brought a pie in a fancy, decorated box, which an auctioneer sold to the highest bidder. The idea was for the men and boys to buy the pie of the woman with who they wanted to eat. Who prepared each pie box was supposed to be a ‘secret,’ but the girls always made sure their boyfriends knew which box to bid on.”

Page 16, Virginia’s Song: A Country Quilt of Memories, Barnabas Publishing, 1996

plate 1. Wooley Creek School, Cape Fair, Missouri. Photo by Joshua Heston, October 9, 2010.

Schoolhouse in Mincy, Missouri

plate 2. Empty Schoolhouse, Mincy, Missouri. October 23, 2010.

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