Bruner School

plate 1. Bruner School, built in 1910, has been restored. Bruner, Missouri, is a small community in eastern Christian County. Many of the early settlers to this region were brought in by promises of lucrative lead mining.

The Bruner School Centennial

by Jim Goins, Bruner Community Association President

The first school house in Bruner was build in the late 1800s just north of the present school. The current building was constructed in 1910. Grades first through eighth were taught there from 1910 until May of 1951.

The building was used briefly as a church, then stood empty, unlocked and unattended for nearly 50 years. Restoration began in early 2002 after neglect had taken its toll on both the roof and the flooring.

After five and a half years (and lots of BBQs, fish fries, chili suppers, assistance from the Christian County Senior Citizens Service Fund, and lots of volunteer labor, the building was restored by late 2007.

Today, the building is used regularly. A jam session takes place every Monday night and an all-you-can-eat breakfast is cooked up on the fourth Saturday of each month.

On July 10, 2010, the Bruner School’s centennial was celebrated with music, speeches, a free lunch and lots of cold watermelon.

Performers were High Strung (and the Oldfield Oper’y Band), Green Mountain Messengers (Rocky and Okie Teske of Mountain Grove, Missouri), Home Town Express (headed up by Harlan Davis), and Jim & Phil with comedy by "Willie Makeit."

Speeches were made by Robert Snook (chairman of the Christian County Senior Citizens Service Fund, Inc.), Senator Dan Clemens and Wayne Glenn (Christian County historian and KTXR 101.3 FM personality).

June 20, 2013

Bruner School

plate 2. Beneath the shade of a massive white oak, former students, family, musicians and local politicians gather.

Bruner School

plate 3. The north side of the restored Bruner School, now with brand-new roofing and even a handicap entrance, is home to regular social functions, a weekly jam session, as well as a community polling place. This parking area is the location of the first Bruner School, constructed in the late 1800s.

Bruner School

plate 4. The Home Town Express performs.

Bruner School: State of the Ozarks

Photo credits: J. Heston. ©StateoftheOzarks.net2010. July 15, 2010

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