Art Walk 2024

First Friday Art Walk Application Form

First Friday Art Walk is hosted by StateoftheOzarks and takes place in downtown Hollister, MO, 3PM to DUSK, APRIL through NOVEMBER. Art Walk is a weather-dependent event.

    Phone Number*:

    Top website URL displaying my art:

    I understand Art Walk is a StateoftheOzarks event and cost to participate is greatly reduced for StateoftheOzarks Members:

    I understand Art Walk is a juried arts & crafts fair and my work may be subject to the jury process:

    I understand I am responsible for any damages that may occur to my property:

    I agree to load in for my respective Art Walk between 3-5PM and remain open until dusk:

    I understand designated vendor parking is located at City Hall / Esplanade Drive and I am not to park on Downing Street between 3-9PM (except while loading and unloading)

    PUBLIC SPACE AGREEMENT (StateoftheOzarks Art Walk includes the public space sidewalk)

    I understand my public space allocation will be an approximate 8-foot-by-6-foot space:

    I understand I am responsible for shade, tarps, tables, self-contained lighting, etc.:

    I understand that my entire display space MAY NOT IMPEDE walking traffic:

    I understand that in case of severe weather or other emergency / incident, StateoftheOzarks is not responsible for damages or refunds:

    I am interested in one of the following Art Walk participation options:

    Do you have any special needs / concerns? Please include here:

    I understand that submission of form does not guarantee acceptance:

    I understand that, if accepted, I will receive a StateoftheOzarks invoice (by Square™) in the amount I have specified above:

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