First Friday Art Walk Application Form

First Friday Art Walk is hosted by StateoftheOzarks and takes place in downtown Hollister, MO, 6-9PM, May through November. Art Walk is a weather-dependent event.

    Phone Number*:

    Top website URL displaying my art:

    I understand Art Walk is a StateoftheOzarks event and cost to participate is greatly reduced for StateoftheOzarks Members:

    I understand Art Walk is a juried arts & crafts fair and my work may be subject to the jury process:

    I understand I am responsible for any damages that may occur to my property:

    I agree to load in for my respective Art Walk between 4-6PM and remain open until event close at 9PM:

    I understand designated vendor parking is located at City Hall / Esplanade Drive and I am not to park on Downing Street between 6-9PM

    PUBLIC SPACE AGREEMENT (StateoftheOzarks Art Walk now includes the public space sidewalk as well as participating businesses)

    I understand my public space allocation will be a designated 8-foot-by-6-foot space:

    I understand I am responsible for shade, tarps, etc., in case of inclement weather:

    I understand that my entire display space MAY NOT IMPEDE walking traffic:

    I understand that in case of severe weather or other emergency / incident, StateoftheOzarks is not responsible for damages or refunds:

    I am interested in one of the following Art Walk participation options:

    Do you have any special needs / concerns? Please include here:

    I understand that submission of form does not guarantee acceptance:

    I understand that, if accepted, I will receive a StateoftheOzarks invoice (by Square™) in the amount I have specified above:

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