Hollister, Missouri Farmers Market by StateoftheOzarks

MANY DO NOT have access to farm-fresh products. Because of this, StateoftheOzarks partners with local growers, bakers and craftsmen to give our region a hub for things such as homegrown vegetables, local fruit, baked goods, Ozark honey, and handmade soaps.

Hollister Farmers Market is located at 108 Chad Lane, Hollister, MO (at the corner of BB Highway and St. James Street.

The 2022 Market Season begins Saturday, April 16. During market season, Hollister Farmers Market hours are Saturdays 9AM-1PM and Tuesdays 3-7PM, weather permitting.


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Statement of Purpose

  1. Provide access to quality food to everyone in our community (including at-risk community)
  2. Support local, sustainable food producers
  3. Develop local entrepreneurship
  4. Further community culture in Hollister, Missouri

Market Rate for Vendors

All-Markets Pass: $400 | ONLY $8 per market

All-Tuesday Markets Pass: $300 | ONLY $12 per market

All-Saturday Markets Pass: $300 | ONLY $12 per market

6-Market Pass: $90 | ONLY $15 per market

1-Market Pass: $25

Vendor Application

    Phone Number*:

    Business Name:

    Physical Address:

    Describe your product(s)*:

    If food product or produce, do you make or grow the product yourself?

    If no, who makes or grows your product for you?

    If craft / art product, do you make the product yourself?

    If no, who makes your product?

    I am most interested in one of the following:

    If interested in specific market dates, please specify:

    I understand Hollister Farmers Market vendors pay for market attendance during the season + 3 Percent of Daily Sales (PODS) or a $1.00 minimum each market to support market infrastructure and track sales:

    I understand food product vendors may be subject to Taney County Health Department oversight and fees:

    I understand that all vendors will be required to obtain an annual Hollister Business License from City Hall at the cost of $45:

    I understand I am responsible for any damages that may occur to my property:

    Do you have any special needs / concerns? Please include here:

    I understand that submission of form does not guarantee acceptance: