Writers Artists Night

Writers Artists Night, 6PM, Friday, June 21, 2019, Vintage Paris Coffee Shop

Hollister, MO (March 1, 2018) — Online publication StateoftheOzarks.net will again host an annual “Writers Artists Night” competition at Vintage Paris Coffee Shop in downtown Hollister at 6PM, Friday, June 21. The magazine hosts this event in conjunction with Vintage Paris.

“Vintage Paris is the artistic gathering spot,” says StateoftheOzarks publisher Dale Grubaugh. “Matt and Jessica Farmer have a vision for giving back to our community. It has always been a great fit for our event.”

Editor-in-chief Joshua Heston is calling for local writers and artists to participate. “The goal is to give our community a voice. We’ve been doing this event for a number of years and I’m really pleased with its evolution.”

The event’s concept is simple. Local writers submit works to StateoftheOzarks through the month of March. In April, writers’ works are distributed to participating artists. Artists are asked to create original work “inspired in some way by the written word.”

“The collaborative aspects of the process are the most important,” shares Heston. “We get some really exciting works. Artists and writers get to work together. Get to meet one another. Get to inspire each other. There is so much hidden talent in our Ozark communities and this is a way of celebrating that.”

Gift-bag prizes will be awarded to top writer, top artist, and best of presentation by an independent panel of judges assembled by StateoftheOzarks. Many additional contestants will also vie for publication in the StateoftheOzarks.net magazine over the coming year.

“It’s part spoken-word night, part pop-up art gallery. We always get a good crowd. I’m just humbled to have a platform that gives everyday Ozarkers of all ages a voice,” says Heston.

Writer / Artist Collaborative Pairs:

Writer: AJ Blanton, Prologue to the Three Spheres
Artist: Lillian Berry

Writer: Anthony Cirilla, No Wine for Ismenos
Artist: Janelle Patterson

Writer: Betsey Mae Grave, Country Rain
Artist: Mary Arneson

Writer: Candice Gage, Them Hills
Artist: Mikki Sale

Writer: Dalton Quick, Beneath the Willow
Artist: Freeman

Writer: Dave Loftin, Feeding the Hay
Artist: Shelby Hutton Winzenried

Writer: Dave Loftin, The Gate Test
Artist: Katie Rodick

Writer: Deborah Haggard, The Dust
Artist: Savannah Richardson

Writer: Dennis Gallemore, The Awful Tower
Artist: Vashon-Borich Leach

Writer: Dustin Snavely, American Spirit
Artist: Chris Boyd

Writer: Grace Gage, Evadora’s Temptation
Artist: Shannon Bacon

Writer: Jenn Parks, Toes
Artist: Melody Courley

Writer: Jody Godfrey, PTSD, The Father of Many Diseases
Artist: Sarah Hebert

Writer: Josh Heston, Kewpie (participant only)
Artist: Seth Daughtry

Writer: Josh Huxtable, Hey There, Grandpa
Artist: Jesse Stone

Writer: Kim Danzer, Hush
Artist: Steffie B

Writer: Kristina Gilbert, I Am
Artist: James Shipley

Writer: Laurie Lemke Thompson, Layers
Artist: Mary Arneson

Writer: Lisa Martin, Allegiances
Artist: Lacey Finchum

Writer: Matt Farmer, A Modern Marvel
Artist: Jenny Judlin

Writer: Michelle Waters, Dr. M
Artist: Heath Copper

Writer: Noah Bray, Collided
Artist: Marcus Sindelar

Writer: Paul Thompson, Watermelon Fairy
Artist: Azalie Baumann

Writer: Rachel Riutzel, Water to Red
Artist: Carla Davidson

Writer: Ron Davidson, The Great Disconnect
Artist: Shelby Moore

Writer: T’iana Sage, Cognizance
Artist: Kaitlynn Robinson

Writer: Trygve Arneson, The Other
Artist: Savannah Crawford

For questions, email josh@stateoftheozarks.net

Branson Tri-Lakes News Article by Tim Church:

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