Writers Artists Night 2023 Submissions Open!

Written works submission window: August 1—October 31, 2022. Submissions must be sent in before November 1, 2022.

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    Writers Artists Night

    IN A TIME repressed emotions and heavy social expectation, we are rarely provided healthy avenues of personal expression.

    Writers Artists Night is an opportunity for people to exercise their creativity in collaboration with each other as a form of self-expression.

    “Soul-baring,” “profound,” “cathartic,” and “healing” are just some of the words used to describe StateoftheOzarks’ longest-running art event.

    How Writers Artists Night Works

    As writers submit their original works to StateoftheOzarks, StateoftheOzarks pairs many of the written pieces with regional artists, asking each artist to create an original piece “inspired in some way” by the written word. This inspiration may be as literal or as figurative as the artist chooses.

    Art is collected the week of the event. On the night of the event, writers and artists are invited to attend Writers Artists Night in Hollister where they will present their work as collaborative pairs before an appreciative audience.

    Accepted pieces will be featured on the StateoftheOzarks Online Magazine over the next year and also published in a special book created for the event.

    Written works are considered based heavily on the following criteria: clarity, contemplation, humor, word choice, emotional conveyance, and writing structure. The 1,200 word limit reflects the power of brevity established in great print publications of the mid-20th century.

    Past Events

    Writers Artists Night 22

    Writers Artists Night 2022 Winners:

    Best Writer: Joel Telschow, The Journal of Jedidiah Bryson

    Best Artist: Freeman Payne, inspired by On the Mississippi by Edwin Woolsey

    Best Craftsman: Chris Boyd, inspired by The Gift by Michael Lloyd Gregory

    Best Collaboration: Quynn Kent with Olivia Stephens, Baseball

    Writers Artists Night, 6-10PM Saturday, June 18, 2022, Chad A. Fuqua City Park

    EVENT is free. Public is welcome. Bring lawn chairs and bug spray. Remember to be respectful of presentations.

    “I love that the venue is outside, surrounded by trees and bird songs giving way to stars and moonlight. I appreciated every single person’s contribution to making the event a celebration of collaboration and personal uniqueness.” — Julie Zetina

    “StateoftheOzarks Writers Artists Night is a highlight of the year for me. The artist gets to interpret the writing. And the best part is we get to present our creative endeavors before a live audience which makes us all stars for the evening!” — Mary Arneson

    “It’s a great way to meet other local writers and artists. There is just so much talent around here!” — Lacey Finchum

    2022 Writers Artists Night LINEUP

    PART 1

    1 Storytelling
    by Erin Fox w/ Mary Arneson

    2 Daddy and the PTA
    by Cindy Thomas w/ Matt Farmer

    3 Peaceful Waters
    by Barbara Klein w/ Kim Cooper

    4 When Andy Went Into the Earth
    by Dale Lund w/ Anthony Hunter

    5 Consider the Mosquito
    by Beth Schulze

    6 2018 Hawaiian Missile Threat
    by Richard Crowder

    7 Kentucky Enigma
    by Edwin Woolsey w/ Freeman Payne

    8 Jim’s Cow
    by Dave Loftin w/ Freeman Payne

    9 Ethereal Gift
    by Laurie Lemke Thompson w/ Shelby Winzenried

    10 To the Future
    by Lindel Gore

    11 The Story of Leo
    by Vashon Borich-Leach w/ Mary Arneson

    PART 2

    12 Where Love Won’t Betray
    by Katie & Joan Wright w/ Margaret Barnett

    13 Avenge the Scarlett Forest
    by Marshall Howden

    14 I Will Sup with Him and He with Me
    by Barbara Klein

    15 Baseball
    by Quynn Kent w/ Olivia Stephens

    16 On the Mississippi
    by Edwin Woolsey w/ Freeman Payne

    17 Experience to Innocence
    by Camarie Cirilla w/ Jenny Judlin

    18 A Gift
    by Michael Lloyd Gregory w/ Chris Boyd

    19 The Adventure
    by Dennis Gallemore w/ Luis Cortes

    20 Deus Ex Machina
    by Jack Borich w/ Savannah Richardson

    21 When I Was Five
    by Michelle Waters w/ Jessica Farmer

    22 Time-less
    by Lisa Livingston-Martin w/ Janelle Patterson

    PART 3

    23 From the Journal of Jedidiah Bryson
    by Joel Telschow w/ Freeman Payne

    24 Ethics of Thunder & Snow
    by Anthony G. Cirilla w/ Meike Aton

    25 Life Begins at 42
    by Estella Eldringhoff w/ Shirley LaCore

    26 Who’s Driving?
    by Freeman Payne w/ Dustin Burkett

    27 Fool
    by Sean Neil Myers w/ Joy Noir Phillips

    28 The Lonely Bard
    by Lyght Latham w/ Savannah Richardson

    29 Nephilim Beginnings
    by Josh Huxtable w/ Darren Anstead

    30 Altar at Table Rock
    by Wendie Lapham w/ Richard K. Williams

    31 Betty’s Story
    by Tommy Emery w/ Randy Dietz

    32 Fractures
    by Rachel Riutzel w/ Kim Cooper

    33 A Beast in the Wood
    by Noah Bray w/ Nick Daliege

    Immediately following the conclusion of presentations, our judging panel will convene. Awards will be presented shortly thereafter, concluding the evening.

    2022 Judges

    Hayden Head, Mary Evelyn Tucker, Josh Ong, Jimmy Tucker, and Jared Houle


    Best Writer, Best Artist, Best Collaborative Pair, and Best Craftsmanship

    2021 Writers Artists Night

    1. Ode to a Water Lily
    by Dave Loftin w/ Mary Arneson

    2. The Old Man
    by Josh Huxtable w/ Jessica Farmer

    3. As You Perceive The Life of Human
    by Kimberlin Skelly w/Kim Cooper

    4. Chase Away the Rain
    by Travis Hall w/ Savannah Richardson

    5. Season’s Changing
    by Michelle Waters w/ Freeman Payne

    6. God’s Grace & Forgiveness
    by Richard Crowder w/ Meike Aton

    7. A Love Note
    by Betsey Mae Graves w/ Julie Zetina

    8. A Conversation with Dementia
    by Beth Schulz w/ Freeman Payne

    9. The Battle
    by Jacqueline Faith w/ Meike Aton

    10. The Old Phone
    by Judy Doyle w/ Chris Boyd

    11. A Thoughtful Drive
    by Cindy Thomas w/ Brent Holland

    12. Who’s Got Beef with Being a Sheep?
    by Matt Farmer w/ Lacey Finchum

    13. Moonshine
    by Dennis Gallemore w/ Freeman Payne

    14. Downing Street Legend
    by Lindel Gore w/ Janelle Patterson

    15. Wash Your Apples
    by Tom Emery w/ Freeman Payne

    16. On a Tuesday
    by Emily Farrell w/ Shirley Lacore

    17. Through Acres and Akers
    by Damian Costello w/ Darren Anstead

    18. My Mother’s Hands
    by Estella Padgett w/ Jenny Judlin

    19. The Rider
    by Joel Telschow w/ Robert Bell

    20. Brady’s Story
    by Edwin Woolsey w/ Vashon Borich-Leach

    21. Delight at 42
    by Tenille Blair-Neff w/ Curtis Copeland

    22. Through the Cracks
    by Freeman Payne w/ Michael Faith

    23. The Refugee
    by Dalton Quick w/ Matt Farmer

    24. Narda
    by Georgia Griffith w/ Mickey Ragain

    25. Contagion of Red
    by Marshall Howden w/ Kaitlynn Robinson

    Writers Artists Night

    2020 Writers Artists Night

    Winners & Special Mentions:

    Best Writer: Dalton Quick, Over the Scottish Sea
    Special Mention: Rachel & Leah Riutzel, The System of Friction

    Best Collaboration: Quynn Kent with Lydia Hoskins, The Water
    Special Mention: Estella Padgett with Vashon Borich-Leach, What A Family Should Be
    Special Mention: Vashon Borich-Leach with Jared Houle, The Crow

    Best Presentation: Rachel & Leah Riutzel, The System of Friction
    Special Mention: Freeman Payne with Dustin Burkett, To Hell and Back

    Best Artist: Savannah Richardson with Phantom Pain by Anthony Cirilla
    Special Mention: Kaitlynn Robinson with The Village Under the Scarlett Kings by Marshall Howden
    Special Mention: Jared Houle with The Crow by Vashon Borich-Leach

    7-10PM, Friday, JULY 17, 2020, Chad A. Fuqua Memorial Park, Hollister, MO

    Artist and Writer Check-in: 6PM at the SOTO Headquarters Tent at the Chad A. Fuqua Memorial Park, 312 Esplanade Street, Hollister, MO 65672.

    Event begins promptly at 7PM, weather permitting. Dress code is casual. Event is free and open to the public. We recommend bringing comfortable lawn chairs and/or blankets. Also bug spray. A number of folding chairs will also be available for use (first come, first served). The park is an ideal place to allow for “social distancing.”

    Please see schedule below for order of presentation —

    1 Margie Kay w Curtis Copeland
    The Ozark Spooklights

    2 Erin Fox w Jenny Judlin
    I Walk These Hills and Wonder

    3 Dennis Gallemore w Sophie McAdara
    Jake Stanton Goes Home

    4 Damian Costello w Jeffrey Nanney
    Quicker Bicker

    5 Lynnette Horn w Freeman

    6 Cassidy Hunter w Mickey Ragain
    Civil War Era Romance

    7 Josh Huxtable w Freeman
    Cry of Her Heart

    8 Jessica Farmer w Shelby Winzenreid
    A Daisy Amongst the Roses

    9 Lauri Lemke Thompson w Savannah Richardson
    The Ant Chronicles

    10 Dalton Quick w Lacey Finchum
    Over the Scottish Sea

    11 Marshall Howden w Kaitlynn Robinson
    The Village Under the Scarlett Kings

    12 Michelle Waters w Tammy Morton
    Frost Flowers

    13 Special Reading: Lisa Livingston-Martin w Borderlands

    — Intermission —

    14 Edwin Woolsey w Janelle Patterson
    Springfield Bound

    15 Rachel & Leah Riutzel w Kim Cooper
    The System of Friction

    16 Freeman w Dustin Burkett
    To Hell and Back

    17 Mona Menezes w Lynnette Horn
    The Kitten Garden

    18 Michelle Waters w Mary Arneson
    Such A Gift

    19 Josh Huxtable w James Beaumont
    The Winds Blow

    20 Estella Padgett w Vashon Borich-Leach
    What A Family Should Be

    21 Vashon Borich-Leach with Jared Houle
    The Crow

    22 Camarie Cirilla w Matt Farmer

    23 Mary Arneson w Trygve Arneson
    Into the Forest

    24 Clint Unruh w Freeman
    Death’s Lonely Journey

    25 Quynn Kent w Lydia Hoskins
    The Water

    26 Edwin Woolsey w Chris Boyd
    Leaving Hattie

    27 Jenn Parks w Bob Bell and w Freeman
    Charles Winslow’s Body

    28 Anthony Cirilla w Savannah Richardson
    Phantom Pain

    2019 Participants

    Writers Artists Night 2019 Winners

    Top Artist of the Evening — Mary Arneson, Country Rain

    Top Writer of the Evening — Deborah Haggard, The Dust

    Best Presentation of the Evening — Rachel Riutzel, Water to Red

    Best Writer Artist Collaboration — Dennis Gallemore with Vashon Borich-Leach, The Awful Tower

    1 Dave Loftin w Shelby Hutton Winzenried
    December Afternoon Feeding the Hay

    2 Betsey Mae Graves (in absentia) w Mary Arneson
    Country Rain

    3 AJ Blanton w Lillian Berry
    Prologue to the Three Spheres

    4 Michelle Waters w Heath Copper
    Dr M

    5 Candice Gage w Mikki Sale
    Them Hills

    6 Deborah Haggard w Savannah Richardson
    The Dust

    7 Kristina Gilbert w James Shipley
    I Am

    8 Anthony Cirilla w Janelle Pattterson
    No Wine for Ismenos

    9 Dustin Snavely w Chris Boyd
    American Spirit

    10 Paul Thompson w Azalie Baumann
    The Watermelon Fairy

    11 Jenn Parks w Melody Courley

    12 Jody Godrey w Sarah Hebert
    PTSD The Father of Many Diseases

    • Joshua Heston

    – Intermission –

    13 Matt Farmer w Jenny Judlin
    A Modern Marvel

    14 Trygve Arneson w Savannah Crawford
    The Other

    15 Josh Huxtable w Heath Copper
    Hey There, Grandpa

    16 Dave Loftin w Katie Rodick
    The Gate Test

    17 Rachel Riutzel w Carla Davidson
    Water to Red

    18 Laurie Lemke Thompson w Mary Arneson

    19 T’iana Sage w Kaitlynn Robinson

    20 Ron Davidson w Shelby Moore
    The Great Disconnect

    21 Dalton Quick w Freeman
    Beneath the Willow

    22 Kim Danzer w Steffie B

    23 Dennis Gallemore w Vashon Borich-Leach
    The Awful Tower

    24 Grace Gage w Shannon Bacon
    Evadora’s Temptation

    25 Lisa Martin with Lacey Finchum

    26 Noah Bray w Heath Copper


    For questions, email josh@stateoftheozarks.net