AUTHENTIC COMMUNITY IS the heart and soul of the Ozarks people. StateoftheOzarks Membership provides spaces that foster relationships, share creativity, and strengthen economy.

SMALL BUSINESSES ARE the backbone of the Ozarks but consumers often choose big box stores because of convenience. StateoftheOzarks’ Member Directory places your Ozarks business in a place of convenience for consumers across the region. MORE HERE

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StateoftheOzarks Gatherings

BEFORE A BUSINESS can thrive, it must exist in the eyes of consumers and the surrounding business community. Making yourself known is usually a difficult process of expensive marketing and lots of hard work.

StateoftheOzarks Gatherings are events where business leaders, entrepreneurs and consumers gather to introduce themselves to each other, update one another, and network in a positive environment.

The first step in lasting success is building relationships with consumers and the community. We make this possible through events that bring everyone together.

MEMBERSHIP PROVIDES ACCESS to exclusive information allowing you to better know the community and better prepare for the future. Members stay updated through our private TextRemind group and our private SOTO Members Facebook Group. MORE HERE

STATEOFTHEOZARKS HOSTS THE April-through-November First Friday Art Walk Season and the September StateoftheOzarks Fest in Hollister, Missouri, which bring the community together, strengthen our culture, showcase our members, and build our economy. Members are granted exclusive rates to showcase to the community. MORE HERE