StateoftheOzarks Fest Vendor Information

Festival Map



6AM Call Time

Booth # | Vendor Name

1 Smryna Baptist Church
2 Philip Edwards, Model T
3 KRB Media Group, Joe Inman
4 Song of Hope, Marshall Howden


5-8 Zac’s Bone-Suckin’ BBQ

6:30AM Call Time

9 Loki’s All-Purpose Magic Sauce, Justin Duncan
10 Ground Up Coffee Shop, Christie Costello
11 StateoftheOzarks HQ


7AM Call Time

12 Jail Wagon, Danny Metzger
13 Independent Fighting Systems, Ian Garrison
14-15 Kim Cooper, Artist


17 Weddings at the Homestead
18 Blue Rock Print Company
19-20 Flowers by Billie

7:30AM Call Time

21 Downing Apparel
22 Freedom Encounter, Darren Myers
23 Jenny Judlin, Artist
24 Meike Aton, Artist
25 Kilwins Ice Cream
26 Revive Juice Company
27 Vintage Paris Coffee

8AM Call Time

28 Moody’s Traveller, Kevin Moody
29 Michelle Waters, Artisan
30 College of the Ozarks Culinary Club
31 Galleria Engraving, Sheila and Katie Lewis
32 Blend Nutrition, Lisa Smith
33-34 Healing Arts Center, Mark Scribner
35 BeastieHaven Farms, Jay Cashman
36 Danley Harper Real Estate, Trina Danley
37 Branson U, Pearl Haining
38-39 Hollister PD
40 Taneyhills Community Library

7:30AM Call Time

42 Chari Thompson, Artisan
43 Grandma’s Goodies & Gumbo
44 Little Hacienda
45 Homemade / Handmade, Amanda Cowan
46 Branson Solar, Toby Smith
47 Little Kitchen Bake Shop, Erin Renner
48 Century 21
49 Blue Eye Woodcraft, Chris Boyd
50 Boston Community Center

7AM Call Time

51 Larry Doran Music
52 Grandma Lena’s Honey
53 Twinkle Market
54 Premiere Dance Academy, Elena
55 Christian CO Hist Society, Shannon
56 Living Essentials, Carolyn DeJager
57 Hollister Area Chamber of Commerce


58 Dark Ozarks

6:30AM Call Time

59 T.U.F.F. Mama Gourmet Salts
60 Ron Leach Woodcraft
61 Queen City Beard & Moustache Federation
62-64 Maple Hill Fine Arts & Pottery

D1 Kirk Lewis, Blacksmith
D2 Flintknappers Camp, Gary Parton

65 Comic Force
66 Wilson & Co Barbershop / Jehu Knives
67-68 Jack’s Ice Cream, Heath Foster
69 Hook & Ladder Pizza

6AM Call Time

70-71 Springfield Wagon, Louis Allen
72-73 Medieval Trebuchet Order of the Red Boar

8:30AM Call Time

A1 SW Chapt. MO Arch. Soc, Mike Walburn
A2 RIX BBQ, Richard Grace
A3 Tiffany Pemberton, Artisan
A4 Ozark Iron Motorcycle Chapter
A5 Princess Parties, Jaylene Martin

B1 Sisters Fried Pies
B2 Mochas & Meows
B3 Elena Sainte, Artist
B4 SMAC Live Painting
B5 SavageGear, Darren Anstead

C1 Feast of the Goblin King, Michelle Tongyai
C2 Something Inspired, Trysh Aria
C3 Gypsie Jewelry, Gracie Calovich

E1 Order of the Red Boar

E9 Patti Bixler, Artisan
E10 Discover Orgonite, Tracy Terrill
E11 Seven Arrows Tap Room
E12 The Veteran and His Boss

Depot: Brent & Becky Paschall, Jim Ridenour



Check-in at YOUR call time with DALE GRUBAUGH  at 108 Chad Lane, Hollister, Missouri (corner of St. James & BB Highway).

Upon check-in, you will receive: a festival schedule, balloons and string. We ask that you attach three inflated festival balloons to the front side of each tent space or canopy. City of Hollister TAX IS 8.35%.


When allowed by DALE, proceed down ST. JAMES STREET to stoplight, onto BIRDCAGE WALK, then right onto WHITEHALL STREET, then right onto DOWNING STREET.


Pull to your numbered space (tape with YOUR NUMBER is the CENTER of your booth). Pull to SIDE of street to allow through traffic. Unload rapidly (FFA CLUB will be on hand to assist), and then EXIT the street.


Turn RIGHT onto Business 65.

A — If you have a trailer, you may park at 108 Chad Lane where you checked in.

B — Otherwise, you are invited to park along Esplanade Drive near the Historic Depot / City Hall. To reach parking, continue right on Business 65 until you cross the Railroad Bridge, then make an immediate right.

NOTE: Downing Street CLOSES to vehicle traffic at 9:15AM.



At 6PM, the Festival CLOSES. All vendors are invited to begin packing up.


CENTER LANE VENDORS, please move your materials to the SIDEWALK. You will load out with each call time.


6AM CALL TIME VENDORS may bring vehicles onto street as soon as a CENTER LANE is available. FFA Club will be available to assist in packing. You may EXIT Downing Street on the NORTH END as soon as you are ready.


6:30AM CALL TIME VENDORS may bring vehicles onto the street as soon as you are given the go-ahead by STATEOFTHEOZARKS TEAM.

Street will LOAD OUT systematically from NORTH TO SOUTH.

If YOU ARE in a LATER CALL TIME, please WAIT PATIENTLY to bring your vehicles onto the street.