Ozark Hill Critters

As time marches forward, it is common to lament the loss of the past. In the case of many species indigenous to the Ozarks, we are fortunate to see an opposing trend. Whereas in the “good old days” of a generation or two past, populations of wild animals (deer, red-tailed hawk, bald eagle, fox and rabbit) had all declined severely, largely in response to over hunting, today’s population of wild critters is flourishing. MORE

Birds & Bats of the Ozarks

The keening call of a red tailed hawk, the persistent rhythm of a woodpecker high up on a now-dead oak, the skittering noises of bats deep within an Ozarks cavern — these sounds are not exclusive to the Ozark mountains but there is a special resonating natural beauty in the flying critters of our North American world. MORE

Ozark Fish & Other Water Critters

Fish are one of the main reasons Ozark tourism exists. Without the draw to lakes such as Bull Shoals, Table Rock and Taneycomo, it is unlikely the Branson show industry would have gotten started. MORE

Snakes & Such

What is it about snakes? Snakes certainly get all the notoriety. As long as there are copperheads and water moccasins in the Ozarks, these reptiles will be associated with the dangerous side of the hills. MORE