Hollister Farmers Market Application

Market Goal —

  1. Provide access to quality food to everyone in our community (including at-risk community)
  2. Support local, sustainable food producers
  3. Develop local entrepreneurship
  4. Further community culture in Hollister, Missouri

Market Rate for Vendors

All-Markets Pass: $400 | ONLY $8 per market

All-Tuesday Markets Pass: $300 | ONLY $12 per market

All-Saturday Markets Pass: $300 | ONLY $12 per market

6-Market Pass: $90 | ONLY $15 per market

1-Market Pass: $25

Vendor Application

    Phone Number*:

    Business Name:

    Physical Address:

    Describe your product(s)*:

    If food product or produce, do you make or grow the product yourself?

    If no, who makes or grows your product for you?

    If craft / art product, do you make the product yourself?

    If no, who makes your product?

    I am most interested in one of the following:

    If interested in specific market dates, please specify:

    I understand Hollister Farmers Market vendors pay for market attendance during the season + 3 Percent of Daily Sales (PODS) or a $1.00 minimum each market to support market infrastructure and track sales:

    I understand food product vendors may be subject to Taney County Health Department oversight and fees:

    I understand that all vendors will be required to obtain an annual Hollister Business License from City Hall at the cost of $45:

    I understand I am responsible for any damages that may occur to my property:

    Do you have any special needs / concerns? Please include here:

    I understand that submission of form does not guarantee acceptance: