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by Joshua Heston

We cover art, music, history, and local news — and these stories are filling up existing pages.

For example, the History, Culture & Craftsmanship page now has news articles included. So check out the links below. You’ll find lots of great stories.

“Rain before seven Shine before eleven.” — Vance Randolph, 1947

“When the morning sun is red, The ewe and the lamb go wet to bed.” — Vance Randolph, 1947

“Marry when the year is new, Your mate will be constant, kind and true.” — Vance Randolph, 1947

“Fog goes up with a hop, Rain comes down with a drop.” — Vance Randolph, 1947

“If a cock crows when he goes to bed, He’ll get up with a wet head.” — Vance Randolph, 1947

August 16, 2014

State of the Ozarks is proud to announce...

Tiffany Lyle, College of the Ozarks

Tiffany Lyle, College of the Ozarks Intern

As of June 1, State of the Ozarks begins working with our first College of the Ozarks intern, 21-year old Tiffany Lyle, journalism major.

“It’s not everyday that one gets to do an internship with an online magazine, and not just any magazine at that!” notes Lyle. “StateoftheOzarks was created by an idea and lots of hard work and that is what I’m looking forward to this summer: being creative and working hard.

“I know that nothing like writing, photography or interviews just happens to be good. Experience and people teach you to be good. I’m going to make sure I have my ears turned on full shut-up-and-listen-to-learn mode this summer.”

“I do love to learn through experience,” continues Lyle. “The most effective way for me is to watch how things are done by others and then go about it with my own style.”

When not living and working on campus, Lyle often spends time with her parents and five siblings (four brothers and a sister). Her hobbies include drawing, writing, camping, trail hiking, making short videos, traveling and reading.

Throughout college at “Hard Work U,” Lyle has worked as staff writer for the Outlook Student Newspaper, staff member at the Ralph Foster Museum, writing assistant at the Center for Writing & Thinking (CWT), as well as housekeeper at the Keeter Center, landscaper and farmers’ market attendant.

We are proud not only of this affiliation but the opportunity to provide this promising student with our best academic and real-life experience possible. Be sure to look for a number of stories from Tiffany Lyle very soon!

And More News articles...

The Ozarks are more than just beautiful hills and big lakes. The Ozarks — and Ozark culture — are about a rich tapestry of deeply talented people willing to contribute of their talents and energy.

That’s what these news articles are all about: recognizing talented folks all around us.

“Friday night’s dream, on Saturday told, Will always comes true, no matter how old.” — Vance Randolph, 1947

Natural Heritage:


“Onion skin mighty thin, Easy winter comin’ in.” — Vance Randolph, 1947

Ozark Mountains

10/5/08, Black Oak Ridge. Photo credit, Joshua Heston. Location: Stone County, Missouri

Ozark Mountains

5/3/08, Sunset Dogwood. Photo credit, Joshua Heston. Location: Stone County, Missouri


dogwood petal

...gettin’ to know people

It is indeed the best part of my job as editor, a reminder that StateoftheOzarks is more than just “Josh’s project,” though of course, that’s just how it all began. No longer an unknown venture put forth by a green-behind the ears graphic designer from Illinois, StateoftheOzarks is a full-fledged — and pioneering — online magazine celebrating Ozark culture, bluegrass and Southern Gospel.

StateoftheOzarks is your magazine reflecting your community.This is a place where your endeavors are celebrated and where people are being brought together — people I have the great fortune simply to know and write about.

Every week since March I’ve been visiting with amazing folks contributing whole-heartedly to our culture, reminding us that there are so many great stories yet to be told. From Jehu Knives to Loudermilk Music News to Shannon “Apple Jack” Thomason and Ozark Mudstomp Music, the pages of StateoftheOzarks are filling up fast.

More specifically, the News Columns (on the right side of each page) are filling up. If your browser window is a mite narrow, you may need to widen that out a bit. And start readin’....

by Joshua Heston, May 31, 2014

Josh Heston with cheesecake

Editor Josh Heston with homemade cheesecake. One of the best parts of the job is getting and sharing Ozark recipes with readers .

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